December 2014

    The contract comprises the provision of transportation and installation of jacket, topside and pipelines, including tie-ins, transportation and installation engineering, procurement and provision of riser clamps for risers at existing platforms, pre-commissioning and project management.

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  • AL WASIT - LTA Project (ME)
    October 2014

    Al Wasit project off the Saudi Arabian shores. This complex endeavor includes the design and construction of 12 wellheads, 2 tie-in and 1 injection platforms, a 260 km export trunkline offshore, a 120 km onshore pipeline,

    many service pipelines and cables, as well as the shore approaches. Due to the complex nature of the heavy lift, the length tolerance of the slings was very tight – only 2” allowed at the specified load. All slings met this stringat requirement and the lift was successfully completed. 

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  • Inpex Ichthys FPSO (Australia)
    July 2014

    “The FPSO is the facility that will be used for condensate dewatering, stabilisation, storage and export – so its importance cannot be overstated. 

    “With only a few years until first production, all of our major offshore facilities are taking shape.” 

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  • Clair Ridge Project (Scotland)
    June 2014

    The Clair Ridge project is the second phase of development of the Clair Field and will produce the reserves from the ridge area of the reservoir to the North-East of the initial Clair Phase 1 installation.

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  • Lewek Constellation, OFE-Hull 1002 Subsea Related equipment (AMC)
    May 2014

    Lewek Constellation, OFE-Hull 1002 Subsea Related equipment (AMC)

    KIMLock Cable Laid Slings


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  • Prelude Flng-1
    March 2014

    The Prelude FLNG project is scheduled to begin production in 2017. Located at the Prelude gas field, some 300 miles offshore of Western Australia, it will extract gas from a field estimated to contain approximately three trillion cubic feet and convert it to LNG.

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  • Clipper project
    January 2014

    The existing Clipper complex is located 113km north-northeast of Lowestoft, 73km from Bacton and 66km from the nearest point of the Norfolk Coast. The installation is a normally attended installation comprising of five fixed bridgelinked platforms; a wellhead platform (PW), a production platform (PT), a compression platform (PC), and a metering / compression platform (PM and a riser platform (PR)).

    The Clipper installation produces and processes natural gas from its own well and imports and processes gas from Barque PB & PL, Galleon PN & PG, Skiff PS, Cutter QC and Carrack QA.

    Shell U.L Limited will upgrade the accommodation on the Clipper complex by replacing the existing living quarters and helideck with a new PLQ platform, named PH, which will be bridge-linked to the PT Platform.

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  • Yadana Subsidence Project Campaign 2 (Myanmar)
    December 2013

    The Yadana gas field is an offshore gas field in the Andaman Sea. It is located about 60 kilometres (37 mi) offshore from the nearest landfall in Myanmar.

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  • Sling Wire Rope for Jacket Tripod & Flare Bridge (Nigeria) November 2013
    November 2013

    The project is focused on expanding offshore rich gas production and delivering it to the onshore Escravos Gas Plant in Escravos, Nigeria. The project scope includes a nine slot 200' wd Non-Associated Gas Wellhead Platform (NWP) in the new Sonam field, and one 52' wd Gas Gathering and Compression Platform (GGCP) in the Meren field.

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  • ADMA Umm Lulu Fields Package 1 & ADMA Nasr Project (Abudhabi-UAE)
    October 2013

    Abu Dhabi has awarded a mega contract to expand its oil output from off- shore Umm Lulufields. Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO) signed an EPC, contract for Umm Lulu (UL) full field development project package.The EPC work entails the construction and installation of six new wellhead towers along with a riser platform topside, 90 kilometers along infield pipelines, 125 kilometers longmain oil lines, and 100 kilometers long fiberoptic Cables. The project involves Brownfield modifications on two existing wellhead towers in UL Field.

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  • SU TU NAU PROJECT (Vietnam)
    August 2013

    Su Tu Trang is a turn-key project using Cable Laid Slings.

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  • Siakap North - Petai EPCI Subsea (Malaysia)
    May 2013

    Siakap North - Petai EPCI Subsea (Malaysia) for KimPlasma RoundSling, Project Modules Heavy Lift to Kikeh.

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    April 2013

    PERTAMINA HULU ENERGI - (Indonesia) for KimLock Slings, General Rigging  and Green Pin Shackles.

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  • Wasit Project
    March 2013

    Offshore field Development (Saudi Arabia) Installation of Plasma HMPE Rope.

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  • AMPA-09 HP COMPRESSOR (Brunei)
    January 2013

    AMPA-09 HP Compressor (Brunei) using KimFlex Slings and Shackles.

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  • The Yadana Subsidence Project - Wire Rope (Myanmar)
    December 2012

    Upon completion of the hull conversion, the FPSO will be installed in the pre-salt Baleia Azul field in the state of Espirito Santo.

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  • Yadana Subsidence Project (Myanmar)
    December 2012

    The Yadana field is an offshore gas field in the Andaman Sea - located approximately 60km from Myanmar.  The field contains more than 150 billion cubic  meters of natural gas.

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  • ONGC Cluster 7 Well Platforms Project (India)
    November 2012

    This ECPI project includes 5 wellhead platforms in the Mumbai High field, located 210km west of Mumbai city.  The Cluster 7 development is expected to produce 9.7 tons of oil and 4.5 billion cubic meters of gas.

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  • Guara Lula NE SURF Project (Brazil)
    November 2012

    The Guara Lula project is a milestone US$1 billion contract and to date is the largest engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning (EPIC) SURF contract awarded in Brazil.

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  • Macedon Project - KimPlasma Slings (Australia)
    June 2012

    The Macedon Gas Field is located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.  The project includes subsea wells, an onshore gas plant, gas pipeline and onshore infrastructure.

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